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Re: [IP] emails

At 06:54 PM 08/29/1998  James Lyons wrote:
>Yeah, I have no idea what 'adult' email you got... cause i sure didn't
>what was the subject again??

I suspect that it was just regular spam that came into his email address,
having nothing to do with this group. Did one of the headers say
"email @ redacted"? Probably not. I'm almost positive that there is
no outside access to our email addresses via Pumpers... it's a pretty
closed group. Michael might want to address the security measures he uses.

I've gotten lots of spam. Usually get-rich schemes and occasionally X-rated
stuff. I just forward it all to my ISP's "abuse" address and then delete it
(my ISP tracks this stuff down and tries to block it). Just as a word of
warning: NEVER reply to any spam, even those that claim you can use
"remove" to stop it. I've heard that this is sometimes used to confirm that
your email address is live and active. The delete key works much better and
keeps them guessing.


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