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Re: [IP] Does the depression really go away?????????

Hi Kerry,

Please get in touch with your doctor.  There are a lot more meds out
there to help control your mood swings.  I had a really bad reaction to
Effexor, myself.  I am currently getting pretty good relief with a
combination of Prozac, Depakote and Seroquel.  I don't hear voices or
see things and I am not suicidal any more.  The only thing that really
bothers me right now is severe panic attacks -- but we are working on
that one.  My doctor tried a lot of different med combinations on me
before we hit this one that works.  I have been through quite a battle
myself -- I am not cured (probably never will be) but I'm in control now
(most of the time) and I feel much better!  

Hang in there!!!  It's rough, but it's worth it.  I've been there, done
that and don't even want to think about the t-shirt.

Write to me privately if you want -- I would love to correspond with you
further.  My e-mail is <mailto:email @ redacted>.

Brian Spitler wrote:
> I have a question to ask everyone.  I'm pressently on 75 mg of Effesor EX
> once a day.  I had hoped that my constant mood swings would be eaiser to
> handle.  I dont thabout killing my self any more but the swings are
> still there.  I cant take Paxial or Prozac because of seeing and hearing
> things.  I've included new foods into my diet.  Could that becausing the
> depression to hang around????
> Help please!!
> Kerry


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