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Re: [IP] krispy kreme

Hi Kasey,

Thanks.  Now I am really hungry!  The doughnuts sound divine.

Kasey Sikes wrote:
> > I'm a westerner (Utah) but I've never heard of Krispy Kreme.  What is
> > it?
> I realize this is way off topic, so I'll shut up after this.  For the
> Unenlightened, Krispy Kreme is a doughnut shop.  But it's no ordinary
> doughnut.  Just ask anyone who's had the honor of eating one.  These
> doughnuts are light, fluffy; they melt in your mouth.  When you bite
> into one it just "poofs" and collapses into a sweet morsel just shy of
> heaven.  And they come in every variety you can think of: glazed, creme
> filled, chocolate covered...my favorite is the bavarian creme filled
> kind with chocolate icing on top.  Yum!  They've just recently migrated
> out of the South to NY and I've heard that when the "Hot Now" sign
> lights up, the line forms out the door.  You should definitely treat
> yourself to one if you ever are around a Krispy Kreme store.
> Kasey
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