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[IP] Wayne is a poet!!

Wayne wrote:

<<Yes I realize that some pumpers
use Regular to blunt the peak and extend the duration.   But that could
also be obtained either by splitting the mealtime bolus into two parts,
one given say an hour later, or with the square wave on the Minimed. 
The insulin needs to match the food absorption.  But That's a separate
issue from what I was trying to evaluate.  >>

True, but even though I wrote the howto on using the square wave and mention
this technique there, I find it cumbersome.  Because the square wave bolus
locks up the bolus function on my MM507, I can't decide to add more to my meal
after programming the square wave.  I would have to "suspend" and then figure
out the amount already delivered, add in the extra insulin required for my
"seconds" and then reprogram the whole thing.  Also, even on those occasions
when I did use the square wave or split bolus for a regular (not high fat)
meal, I did experience the low feeling.  This is something that developed
gradually over a period of 2 months while using straight Humalog.  By the time
I gave up on it, I was routinely trying square waves to avoid the sensation.
I determined that my body metabolized the H much too quickly, and returned to
straight Velosulin for a few months.  

I've been mixing now for over 4 months with no problems.  In my opinion,
mixing DOES accomplish the same effect intended by a square wave, but it is
much more convenient.  It is easier for me to spend a few extra minutes once a
week when I'm filling my reservoir than it is to constantly be calculating
square waves.  

Don't get me wrong, I think there is still a place for the square wave and the
new dual wave.  I still use a square wave for meals high in fat, even with the

<<	You mean you don't seen any redness around the site even after 4 days?
 I'm impressed.  some sort of bionic woman.  >>

Pretty wonderful, aren't I??  <vbg>

Actually, when I remove my silhouette after 4 days, there is only a very tiny
little red mark, about the size of a grain of salt. I don't get tenderness or
swelling.  I do occasionally have a bruise, the size of a pea, but that is
always attributable to a careless insertion. I used to have more of a mark
when using sof-sets, but that's a whole nother can of worms!

And I think your poem was great, you should go hypo more often, maybe you
could write a book!!

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