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Re: [IP] Medicare & Test Strips

Unfortunately, it's true.  Current Medicare legislation only pays for 50
test strips every two months.  It's woefully too little, but it IS
better than what they were paying for before.

As a result, only 5% of Type 2's were testing regularly...hopefully that
will increase with the new regulations.

Keep on your legislators...bug 'em till they cave!

Mike Maturen

Sue W wrote:
> Hi,
> My mother has Type 2 Diabetes.  Recently, she ordered some test strips.
> These strips were supposed to be paid for under the new Medicare rules
> that cover Type 2 Diabetics.  When she went to get the strips, they
> would only give her a bottle of 25.  She was told that this was the
> maximum that Medicare would approve for one month.  That isn't even
> enough for one test a day!  Seems to me that Medicare just wants to look
> good on the surface but isn't really helping the Type 2s much more than
> before.  As much as I hate to say it, I sometimes think being a Type 1
> is better as far as insurance goes.  Has anyone else run across this
> same problem?  I am mad but I don't know where to turn for help in this
> matter.
> Thanks for letting me vent here.
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