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Re: [IP] references

Here's some food books listed in the Mini-Med Insulin PUmp Therapy book,
haven't tired them but they should be helpful...

    Food Value of Portions Commonly Used, by Pennington and Church
    The Complete Book of Food Counts, by Corrinne Netzer, Dell Pub.
    Fast Food Facts by Marion Franz, ChroniMed Pub.
    Guide to Carbohydrats, by Barbara Krause, New American Library.

    Also ck out  Mendosa.com on the Webb, he has a ton of helps.

Grace and Peace


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Date: Saturday, August 29, 1998 1:03 PM
Subject: [IP] references

>Greetings!  I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March, and I started on
>a pump just over two weeks ago.  So far it's going well, but I'm still
>trying to learn more.
>I'm looking for a couple good references on food, especially grams of CHO,
>glycemic index and ethnic food.  Any suggestions?
>I also hope to increase my family in the next couple years (I have a
>three-year-old).  Any suggestions on good 'pregnancy with diabetes' books?
>I've seen the  lists through Amazon, but it's hard to tell the quality of
>the books through their blurbs.
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