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Re: [IP] Lower Basels? & Etc.

>  I've
> had several low mornings with hypo symptoms.  Nothing terrible --
> mid and high 50s.  But it almost seems as if my BGs don't want to go
> up to 100 anytime during the day, and my target value is more like
> 120, as I have a history of going low easily and then
> rollercoastering.

> On the basis of my reading and what I've learning here, I'm guessing
> that my basals might be slightly too high, but I'm not sure how or
> where to adjust.  I am on .4 from midnight to 3 am, .6 from 3 am to
> 10 am, and .5 the rest of the time (bolus ratio: 1:10 breakfast,
> 1:16 daytime, 1:20 bedtime).  On a straight .5 (or .4 and .5), I had
> a pronounced dawn phenomenon.  My CDE suggests going to .4 from
> midnight to 6 am, but I think that might be too radical a change
> with my insulin sensitivity.  When adjusting basals, are there some
> kind of guidelines (i.e., adjust only .1 at a time and/or 1 hour at
> a time) I can follow?

Sounds like you need a very small adjustment sometime in the night. 
Probably only 0.1u/hr.

Read the material on our website about adjusting basals in the HOWTO 
HOWTO profile your BASAL RATES

Use graphic basal calculator to plot your profiles, it will let you 
tweak basals at various times to get it just right. Try that.

Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator 
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/