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Re: [IP] krispy kreme

> I'm a westerner (Utah) but I've never heard of Krispy Kreme.  What is
> it?

I realize this is way off topic, so I'll shut up after this.  For the
Unenlightened, Krispy Kreme is a doughnut shop.  But it's no ordinary
doughnut.  Just ask anyone who's had the honor of eating one.  These
doughnuts are light, fluffy; they melt in your mouth.  When you bite
into one it just "poofs" and collapses into a sweet morsel just shy of
heaven.  And they come in every variety you can think of: glazed, creme
filled, chocolate covered...my favorite is the bavarian creme filled
kind with chocolate icing on top.  Yum!  They've just recently migrated
out of the South to NY and I've heard that when the "Hot Now" sign
lights up, the line forms out the door.  You should definitely treat
yourself to one if you ever are around a Krispy Kreme store.


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