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Re: [IP] stubborn high bg's

> Megan also goes higher right after going to sleep. She has no Dawn
> phenomena
> but her basal increases to .4 at 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm to cover this weird
> high. But it works!
I've seen this in Kayla, too.  I got out my Pumping Insulin book and
re-read through the basal rate section.  Kayla seems to have all of the
problems!  She needs more insulin just after going to bed, needs much
much less from 3am-6am, needs to bump back up just before waking for
those stubborn morning hours, runs a 'normal' rate for most of the day,
then needs to drop back down to 0 for the late afternoon.  Weird.

She recently began taking Claritin for a 3 week course.  I was told that
Claritin doew not affect bg's, but I'm wondering if that's contributing
to the stubborn highs she's been having.


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