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[IP] Scholarships and Rehab

Having just gone through this with our state Rehab department-here is what
you need to do. They will give my son 2100 dollars a year until he graduates
maybe for grad school if needed.

You need to contact the state Rehab department and take a letter from you
childs doctor stating that the child had Type 1 diabetes, what his or her
as far as employement are-ie>can't be in military, police or fire work-
do shift work etc. The long term prognosis and that the state is permanent. BE
SURE that the doctor states that your child is intelligent and can handle a
full college load. Our Rehab dept says children with diabetes are always 
If your child applies, it will not keep any other child from getting a grant.
I was a 
little worried that we might keep someone from getting the grant who was in
desperate need of college funds.
While I am at this-most colleges have a department for students with
disabilites. My
son said he wasn't going through that office-but knew a girl who did-she
him to go to the office during orientation. BOY-is he glad he did. He will get
register for his classes before anyone else-he gets his pick of times (and
That was enough to convince him-because 1st quarter no one got to register
early and he ended up with a 7am Calculus class. You can bet he will go
through the
rehab department now. LOL
Hope this helps those who are in college or will be soon.
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