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Re: [IP] Medicare & Test Strips

>My mother has Type 2 Diabetes.  Recently, she ordered some test strips. 
>These strips were supposed to be paid for under the new Medicare rules
>that cover Type 2 Diabetics.  When she went to get the strips, they
>would only give her a bottle of 25.  She was told that this was the
>maximum that Medicare would approve for one month.  That isn't even
>enough for one test a day!  Seems to me that Medicare just wants to look
>good on the surface but isn't really helping the Type 2s much more than
>before.  As much as I hate to say it, I sometimes think being a Type 1
>is better as far as insurance goes.  Has anyone else run across this
>same problem?  I am mad but I don't know where to turn for help in this
>Thanks for letting me vent here.

Hi, I work part time as a pharm tech, and this is what I'd suggest.. make sure
that when her dr writes a prescription for exactly how many she will go
in a month.. I can't remember if 25 is the highest amount that medicare will
cover, but I remember when I was reading the new regulations I was surprised
with the small amounts that were being covered. I guess the thing to be
thankful for is at least they are covering 25..
I wish I had better news for you. 

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