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[IP] Lower Basels? & Etc.

Hi, Folks:

I think I may be at that wonderful point that Dr. Vicky described where
everything is starting to click.  I'm getting pretty good at carb counting,
and my BGs are mostly rock-solid.  Have had a week with no 200s at all and
mostly well below 150.  And I don't spend the whole weekend recuperating
from the work-week anymore!

I don't want to disturb the best BGs I' ve had since I was DXed 23 years
ago (!), but on the basis of what my CDE has told me and what I've read
here, I think my BGs are generally a little too low.  I've had several low
mornings with hypo symptoms.  Nothing terrible -- mid and high 50s.  But it
almost seems as if my BGs don't want to go up to 100 anytime during the
day, and my target value is more like 120, as I have a history of going low
easily and then rollercoastering.

If I were back in the days of MDI, I would be really freaking out, but I
have found that on the pump, my BGs do not seem to go up and down much.  Am
I just worrying too much?

On the basis of my reading and what I've learning here, I'm guessing that
my basals might be slightly too high, but I'm not sure how or where to
adjust.  I am on .4 from midnight to 3 am, .6 from 3 am to 10 am, and .5
the rest of the time (bolus ratio: 1:10 breakfast, 1:16 daytime, 1:20
bedtime).  On a straight .5 (or .4 and .5), I had a pronounced dawn
phenomenon.  My CDE suggests going to .4 from midnight to 6 am, but I think
that might be too radical a change with my insulin sensitivity.  When
adjusting basals, are there some kind of guidelines (i.e., adjust only .1
at a time and/or 1 hour at a time) I can follow?

I plan to give the website calculator a whirl, too, but I'm not sure I have
enough of the right data yet, and I'd like to hear it from others who've
been there.

I am nervously awaiting my very first post-pump A1C . . . but not too
nervously.  I just had my checkup with the opthamologist, and she says I
have absolutely NO signs of retinopathy!  Doin' the happy dance!  In the
past, there have been times when I was told that I had some fluid leakage,
but this eye doc claims this can't be possible because fluid leakage
doesn't reverse on its own.  Huh?

Do I know how lucky I am?  You bet!  I wish everyone had my good genes, or

Just got my supplies from MM.  Not too happy with them.  They seem to have
gotten insurance approval, and then forgotten to send my stuff!  (BTW, my
insurance did want a month's worth of post-pump BGs, but I got approved the
day I sent them; I think it might have been a formality).  If I hadn't
called to check, I'd still be waiting!  Anyone else's insurance go weird
when they try to get a mixture of SofSets and Sils? 

As soon as this reservoir runs out, I'm trying the Sils again, cause the
end of my SofSet cannula is definitely bumping against something (sounds
kinda kinky!).  But I really love that SofSerter!  Poor Wayne says I'll
have to get him drunk before he can try inserting a Sil for me in a spot I
can't reach!

I always get great help from this list.


--Laurel Huff-Sedgwick, pumping with MM507 since 5/98

> From: Michael <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Glucose Tabs
> Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998 12:21 AM
> Careful with those numbers. For a small individual like Spencer, the 
> numbers are more likely 
> 25 to 50 point rise for 5 g of carbo,
> 15 - 25 grams of CHO per unit of insulin (maybe more)
> Michael
> On Thu, 27 Aug 1998 email @ redacted wrote:
> > Hello Lisa D.
> > Good general rules of thumb:
> > 5 Gms glucose raises blood glucose 20 units (mg%)',
> > 1 Unit insulin is used per 10 - 12 Gms CHO,
> > Unused Insulin: Velosilin = 16 - 20% is used per hour
> >                          Humalog 25% per hour
> > 1 unit of insulin drops blood sugar 30 - 40 units (mg%)
> > Using these rules and seeing Spencer's response will let you adjust
> > accordingly.
> > good Luck.
> > Yale
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> > 
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> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/