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Re: [IP] stubborn high bg's

> > Re-profile her basal requirements over the next 4 weeks or so (not 
> > all at once).
> We're gonna do the nighttime basal testing tonight to see if it's
> changing.  Hopefully we'll start to see a pattern.
> Kasey

Ya wanna take several nights to do this.
Don't wake her more often than ever 2 hours.
Wait a day or two and repeat on the odd hour instead.
Make sure she's had a good day, not outrageous highs/lows, unusual 
exercise, etc... A "standard" day.

Just offset all the readings by the difference between the starting 
readings to create a composite data set.

If her bg's get over 180 or too low, tweak her basals a little and 
start again another night. This is slow and tedious, but produces 
very accurate results and 'good' basals.

Lily is going through another one of those growth spurts. Looks like 
profile time again for her also. Looks like she needs 2 - 3 more 
units of insulin between the time her head hits the pillow and 
2:30am. This always makes me nervous 'cause it means running basals 
of almost 2u /hour (up from .8) for the first couple of hours after 
she goes to sleep (she was running 0.9). We had to do this for about 
a year an a half, 3 years or so ago. Now you know why I check her 
every night.

Oh what fun adolescece is!!

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