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Re: [IP] thanks, Randall!!

    Just reminded me of something...Someone (forget who) recommended an eye
specialist in Baltimore & you said you needed one in NYC (I think)...Was going
to suggest that if this one in MD is soooo special, that perhaps you could
call his office in search of an EXCELLENT referral to a NYC doc????...When
Melissa encountered her kidney problems, her adult diabetologist didn't know
where to send her for the kidney biopsy, but just so happened that his head
nurse's sister worked for the head of Endocrinology (got all that???) at the
"other" children's hospital in Philly & was able to track down a "name" for
us....Circuitous route but it all ended well with us "connecting" with a ped
nephro who's VERY "state of the art"

regards, Renee
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