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[IP] thanks, Randall!!

Ruth wrote:

> Thank you for saying what I wanted to say, couched in words so much more
> fitting to the task and so much more comforting.

he IS good isnt he - wish he was at a chuch near me - Iíd PAY to see this guy
in action!

> when I first joined insulin pumpers I think that on some level I
> felt a little jealous - everyone at that time was very concerned about
> you becaue you were hospitalized and there seemed to be many more
> communications re Sara than re insulin pumps. 

yeah John Neale hated me for awhile for the same reason - I dont know if he
has completely gotten over it yet  <g>...I really donít mean to monopolize the
place - I just like to vent - it helps me.  I try to write things that might
apply or be of interest to other people, and I try to warn you beforehand if
they are long and off-topic.  I HOPED someone could apply something of what I
learned during the appendix episode.    

I KNOW that I have love and support and understanding from this group, and I
hope you all know how grateful I am for it.  {{{{{{{{{{{{{IP}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

I wish my only problems were bad meters, site infections and what color pump
to choose - would make me much happier and these digests much shorter!! 

> I...[snip] often identify with the feelings you manage to so well convey to

Which is why I tell you guys - my BOSS doesnt want to know - my roommate
doesnt want to know - an sometimes I wonder if my doctor(s) want to know.

> Maybe it is only that someone is a little envious until he gets to know
> you.

like they always say...to know me is to love me, if it doesnít kill ya first

Thanks Ruth!

Love Sara
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