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[IP] Katie's HIGH

Katie wrote:

> I've read the FAQ on cycles and basically came away with the idea 
>  that for females we need unpredictable increases or decreases in basal 
> rates every * 5-6 days without any regularity depending on if we happened 
> to fart on the third day of the last rotation of the moon in mid January.  
> (*based on if we are starting our period, stopping our period, starting to 
> ovulate, stopping ovulation, or in a non period period, missing a period, 
> having an unusually heavy/light period, not dropping an egg that month, 
> dropping two eggs)

ROTFLMAO...this is the EXACT problem I had the last 2 weeks Katie!!
Everything you went through with the pump, the highs, the normal morning, the
unexplainable swings - EVERYTHING.  was me!  and yet, as of Monday, all my
basals are back to their normal levels...as if nothing was ever wrong...

HOWEVER, if I were to be so foolish as to assume that it will be this way NEXT
month and program my basals appropriately...the hormones will NOT kick in as
predicted and I will crash and have to start all over!!!

Sara - whose basals are actually LOWER now than they were pre-appendix...hmmm
any connection?
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