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[IP] pump problems

My pump diplayed that it was AM when it was really PM...which of course
set my basals upside down...high during nite and low basals during the
day...after waking up with bgs of 40 two nites in a row...i discovered
the problem...i called the 24 hour number and the rep said if there were
any more problems to call back...a day later it said it was weds when it
was really tues...i called the 24 hour number and got another rep she
said it was from when i changed the time during the time change...i don't
think so...in order to change to the pm i would have had to press the act
key then press the up arrow 12 times consecutively before it blanked out
again and in order to change the day i would have had to selected act,
act, act, then the down arrow...kinda scary...i am out of warranty and i
have been denied a new pump by my insurance cuz i have a working one
(maybe not anymore) ...i am wondering if the reason it has malfuncioned
is because it has been so hot and even though i put it into a baby sock,
it gets wet...so i am debating getting a disetronic although i really
like the minimed features much better and the ONLY reason i would want to
switch is if the excess moisture is the problem...there seems to be a
coating over the plastic on the front display that is
cracking...originally i thought it was hairspray residue but i'm not so
sure anymore...fyi...the original rep told me to use alcohol to clean the
screen...the second rep said it would react to the plastic...thanks...i
already did it and melted off some of the plastic!!...michelle

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