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Re: [IP] Wayne's study

> Mary Jean, thanks for your comments.  Yes I realize that some
> pumpers use Regular to blunt the peak and extend the duration.   But
> that could also be obtained either by splitting the mealtime bolus
> into two parts, one given say an hour later, or with the square wave
> on the Minimed. 
'fraid not. Lily tried that for weeks without the expected results.. 
Humalog just produces some odd sensations in some people and can (and 
does) produce unpredictable bg readings at times including 
precipitious crashes. Mixing the small amount of regular insulin 
seems to eliminate those problems, at least for Lily and I believe 
others as well.

>  You mean you don't seen any redness around the site even after 4
>  days? I'm impressed.  some sort of bionic woman.  

Nope, not with 5:1 mix or straight V

>  Yes my scientist maybe shows too often. 

You may be one of those fortunate enough to tolerate Humulog very 
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