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Re: [IP] Re:

At 01:16 PM 08/28/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Great message re: Re. I appreciate the view and how to try to understand 
>message.  Here is a message from email @ redacted that I would like

>or any one else to explain:
>Date:	98-08-27 06:54:21 EDT
>From:	email @ redacted

One possibility is that this has to do with blue movies. Not satisfied with
an X rating, they were totally gross and received an XXXX rating. How this
relates to pumping takes a little imagination.

A second candidate would be its about bootleg booze. This is the real raw
moonshine variety and labelled as XXXX so that no-one would expect high
purity. Because it is such rot-gut stuff, those folks that drink it need to
have their stomach pumped. 

My last possibility is that someone cut and pasted a label from a flour
sack onto their message. Maybe someone has found a new way to pump bread
ingredients directly into the bread maker.

(it's been a looong day...)
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