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Re: [IP] Wayne's study

Mary Jean, thanks for your comments. Yes I realize that some pumpers use Regular to blunt the peak and extend the duration. But that could also be obtained either by splitting the mealtime bolus into two parts, one given say an hour later, or with the square wave on the Minimed. The insulin needs to match the food absorption. But That's a separate issue from what I was trying to evaluate.
You mean you don't seen any redness around the site even after 4 days? I'm impressed. some sort of bionic woman.
Yes my scientist maybe shows too often. Just to show that there is another side, here's a little poem I dreamed up during a recent BG low.

"Our insulin pumps"

Insulin pumps create sumps
that can turn into lumps or even humps
and look like mumps on our rumps.
Pumps may put us in the dumps
or even give us the grumps
and make us look like chumps,
who trip over stumps
and shake with the jumps.
But we still love our pumps
Cause they make our life sweet
despite all the bumps.


I commend you for the professional approach you have taken for this study. I
don't doubt your conclusions.

However, I would like to point out to others that may read this, that site
deterioration issues are only one side of the coin. Several pumpers, myself
included, have turned to an H:V mix to address the issue of "feeling low"
while still consuming a meal, followed by very stubborn hypos. These symptoms
occurred to me ONLY when using pure H. Not on pure V or on the mix. I
currently choose to mix H and V in a 3 to 1 ratio for the convenience of the
quick action of the H, but with the slight retardation effect that the V adds.
I have experienced very flat post-prandial bg curves.

I didn't ever experience the site deterioration issues that have been
discussed on this list while on straight H. I guess I must be lucky!

Wayne, thanks for taking the time and effort to present this in such a
professional fashion. Your scientist is showing!

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