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[IP] krispy kreme

Kasey responded to this:

> I told them I really missed a double chocolate cake donut made with 
> real lard, like Roper's does it...  Now that's a breakfast worth 
> bolusing for... and if you eat two of them you can get by with around 
> 14 units in a square wave.  The lard slows the sugar down....

Ah, Krispy Kreme!!!!  Now that's an experience the North needs!


actually,  I think Randall said this, but girlfriend, you are soooo right -
krispy kreme RULES!  We actually have em here in NYC - not in very convenient
places, fortunately for me!!!

Sara - who likes it when the HOT light is on and the insulin pump is primed!!!
I have my donut and eat it too, and then another one...yummmm
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