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Re: [IP] stubborn high bg's

Along the subject of Stubborn highs as well as the subject of bad humalog
causing highs that was discussed in the subject of stress:

A few days ago I had a large dinner including french fries. I was at the end
of a cartridge of insulin (H). 

I was expecting highs so about 2 hours after eating. I wasn't surprised at the
275. I took some H,  ran out of insulin in mid bolus. Opened a new bottle,
changed site, cartridge and tubing. Finished the bolus with the new H.

An hour later was 264. I took more H.

An hour later still in the 200's. I took more H.

Same an hour later. Thinking that my new site may not be working so well. I
changed it again. Took More H.

Two hours later. Down to 160. Took more H. Went to bed as it was 2 am.

Still kind of high in the morn. Without eating breakfast I was high again
before lunch. All that day I seemed to use 1/3 more insulin to control my
levels. The idea that my H wasn't working to full potential kept playing in my

For about half the of the next day my bgs still seemed to be resistant to the
insulin. By evening all seemed normal again.

Today, still using the same insulin cartridge, same site. All is fine.

My new theory is that it had something to do with my cycle instead of the
insulin or site. 

I've read the FAQ on cycles and basically came away with the idea that for
females we need unpredictable increases or decreases in basal rates every *
5-6 days without any regularity depending on if we happened to fart on the
third day of the last rotation of the moon in mid January.  (*based on if we
are starting our period, stopping our period, starting to ovulate, stopping
ovulation, or in a non period period, missing a period, having an unusually
heavy/light period, not dropping an egg that month, dropping two eggs)

- Katie

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