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[IP] thanks, Randall!!

Thank you for saying what I wanted to say, couched in words so much more
fitting to the task and so much more comforting.

Sara, when I first joined insulin pumpers I think that on some level I
felt a little jealous - everyone at that time was very concerned about
you becaue you were hospitalized and there seemed to be many more
communications re Sara than re insulin pumps. 
As time went on, I, too, became very concerned with your welfare and was
glad to read that you navigated successfully surgery plus all that came
before and after.

I worry when I do not see posts from Sara for a time, and often identify
with the feelings you manage to so well convey to us.  I am sure you
realize that many hugs go out to you when we read of your travail.

You are as loved as anyone on the list;  you are respected as anyone on
the list;  and you reach out to comfort as well as anyone on the list.
Maybe it is only that someone is a little envious until he gets to know

With love, Ruth

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