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Re: [IP] Illness and high blood sugars

> My MiniMed 506 alarm is going off non-stop.  I was in the middle of
> delivering a bolus and the alarm started sounding.  The only way I can get
> it to stop is by taking the batteries out.  I am scared I will have to go
> through the night without the pump.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By now you've gotten through the night.  The very same thing happened
when Kayla had a 506.  Out of the blue it started screaming during a
bolus.  The only way to stop it was taking the batteries out.  Called MM
and they gave me a song about 'static charge'.  I think that is their
blanket term for "We have no idea".  We had to get a new pump b/c
nothing we tried (at the coaching of MM on the phone) stopped the alarm.

Call MM.


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