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[IP] Wayne's study

<<There was no advantage of mixing Velosulin
with Humalog (in a 1:5 ratio) on infusion site stability.   Although
others may believe there is some benefit of such mixing, it would be
nice to see some similar experimental data in support of these
anecdotal reports.>>


I commend you for the professional approach you have taken for this study.  I
don't doubt your conclusions.  

However, I would like to point out to others that may read this, that site
deterioration issues are only one side of the coin.  Several pumpers, myself
included, have turned to an H:V mix to address the issue of "feeling low"
while still consuming a meal, followed by very stubborn hypos.  These symptoms
occurred to me ONLY when using pure H.  Not on pure V or on the mix.  I
currently choose to mix H and V in a 3 to 1 ratio for the convenience of the
quick action of the H, but with the slight retardation effect that the V adds.
I have experienced very flat post-prandial bg curves.  

I didn't ever experience the site deterioration issues that have been
discussed on this list while on straight H.  I guess I must be lucky!

Wayne, thanks for taking the time and effort to present this in such a
professional fashion.  Your scientist is showing!

Mary Jean
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