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Re: [IP] Glucose Tabs

Hello Lisa D.
Good general rules of thumb:
5 Gms glucose raises blood glucose 20 units (mg%)',
1 Unit insulin is used per 10 - 12 Gms CHO,
Unused Insulin: Velosilin = 16 - 20% is used per hour
                         Humalog 25% per hour
1 unit of insulin drops blood sugar 30 - 40 units (mg%)
Sorry, but this is serious misinformation.  First of all, all these #s will vary according to weight, insulin absorption, size, activity level, and fitness.  In the 17 years I have spent on a pump, for instance, 5 grams of glucose has raised my bg 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100, 120 points (consistently over time).  Growing kids, especially small, kids around 13 or so, and kids around 15 will have even more extreme variation.    1 unit of insulin covers 17-19 carbs for me.  As a kid, it ranged from 12 to 25.  Etc...  All of these numbers must be calculated for the individual.  They should start with body weight.  Then adjust (most of the time, the results come out a few numbers away from the body weight numbers.  John Walsh's Pumping Insulin and Michael's wonderful web page both detail the process.  PLEASE DON'T USE THESE NUMBERS WITHOUT TESTING!

Using these rules and seeing Spencer's response will let you adjust
good Luck.
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