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Re: [IP] stress

On 27 Aug 98 at 17:44, email @ redacted wrote:

> Sara, who didnt have cake, or a brownie for lunch today...since she is really
> trying to get her money's worth from her useless visit to the dietician...I
> KNOW I need more variety in my diet...how many ways can you serve raw carrots
> for gods sake...and of COURSE she brings up the point that "we don't often
> realize a bagel has more calories than just what it says in the exchange book"
> DUHHHHH - I already know how much insulin to take for the huge, lucious, 8
> grain Au Bon Pain bagel....I need to hear something NEW!!!   grrr  just WHAT
> are they teaching these people these days anyway

I ate ate one of those Au Bon Pain places the last time I was in 
Philadelphia.  The people in the office were telling me it was a 
great place for breakfast...  being a good Southerner, I was a mite 
disappointed in the meager fare...  I mean, a boiled donut?  No 
wonder the Yankees are all in such a foul temper.  <G> <G>

I told them I really missed a double chocolate cake donut made with 
real lard, like Roper's does it...  Now that's a breakfast worth 
bolusing for... and if you eat two of them you can get by with around 
14 units in a square wave.  The lard slows the sugar down....

Randall P. Winchester
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