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[IP] stress

Bonnie wrote:

> The best thing about this group is that we are the only ones we 
> can talk to or "bitch & moan" to who has the understanding/concern 
> about what we are bitching and moaning about.  

so true - thanks again Buddy for introducing me to this place.

> Like Sara and her horrible ordeals with her eyes.  My heart breaks 
> for her and I whisper a little prayer for her.  

Thank you Bonnie, and everyone else for your love and support and
understanding.  Now if any of you are motivational speakers and can somehow
encourge me to get off my heinie and on the phone to find a decent doctor.
And while you are at it, I do need some encouragement also to clean my room.

As for the problems you were experiencing, Bonnie, how many of that particular
box to you have left?  you might consider contacting whoever you got them from
and tell them the story... perhaps they will replace the box.  

Speaking as the voice of experience, stress can do wonders to a body - them
hormones are mighty pow'rful...and no amount of site changes, insulin bottle
opening and redefining basal/bolus needs will fix it - I think the first thing
we all need to learn in stress management...then at least we could handle
these "little" episodes without getting stressed out about them.  I almost
look forward to getting older so I don't have to deal with PMS anymore so I
can figure out my damn basal rates once and for all!!!

and just a note to Kasey and Judy, and the other mom's of little kids  - I
think y'all are soooo cool!  I can't imagine my mom trying to figure out how
much insulin to give me for a slurpee..and it probably never even crossed her
mind that I might be hot and thirsty and want one - go get some ice water
would have been her 1970s answer!!!   ahhh the bad old days..  NOw what I want
to know is why dont they have a diet version yet?  hmmmmm another billion
dollar industry???

Sara, who didnt have cake, or a brownie for lunch today...since she is really
trying to get her money's worth from her useless visit to the dietician...I
KNOW I need more variety in my diet...how many ways can you serve raw carrots
for gods sake...and of COURSE she brings up the point that "we don't often
realize a bagel has more calories than just what it says in the exchange book"
DUHHHHH - I already know how much insulin to take for the huge, lucious, 8
grain Au Bon Pain bagel....I need to hear something NEW!!!   grrr  just WHAT
are they teaching these people these days anyway
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