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Fw: [IP] Blocked cannula/stress

> From: Bonnie Richardson <email @ redacted>
> To: > Subject: Re: [IP] Blocked cannula/stress
> Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998 8:27 AM
> Hi John, and group:
> The best thing about this group is that we are the only ones we can talk
> or "bitch & moan" to who has the understanding/concern about what we are
> bitching and moaning about.  Like Sara and her horrible ordeals with her
> eyes.  My heart breaks for her and I whisper a little prayer for her.  
> And John, stress is such a bugger.   Your no delivery alarms happening
> during that time is stressful.   I don't know what the plug is.  I will
> interested in responses.   
> I too have had a stressful week, and for some reason have had to change
> infusion sites four times in five days for some reason - first time, my
> just would not go down no matter how much I bolused - so I put in a new
> infusion - woke up at 26!  So all that insulin was there, just not
> as fast as normal.    Next night I had the same problem.  Woke up feeling
> funny, tested bg it was 228 (for no reason) and bolused.  Checked again
> one hour, it was 231, so changed infusion.  The next day at work,
> told me to check bg and I was at 475!! Nearly had a stroke - went to
> bathroom with my emergency kit - the canula had come completely out of
> - never had that happen before.  Injected 20, tested every hour, took it
> four hours and another bolus to get it down.   Then, woke up this morning
> to 181, bolused 2.5, an hour later it was 182.  Changed infusion again. I
> was not smart enough like you to test our every set and check the Canula.

> I just tossed them in frustration.  Now I realize all but one came from
> same set.   It may not be site deterioration, it may have been the sets. 
> don't know why this is happening this week. But the next time I will
> the sets.  It has been a very frustrating week.  But at least I am not
> moving......
> Thanks for listening. 
> Bonnie  
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> From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> To: Pumpers <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Blocked cannula/stress
> Date: Wednesday, August 26, 1998 9:49 AM
> I had a rather stressful day yesterday: we're in the middle of a complex
> house move, and I had to drive through the night, and grabbed just a few
> hours sleep in the car. I'm sure you can picture the situation...
> Anyhow, the No Delivery alarm then went off today, and I found there was
> a small plug of white substance blocking the tip of the (SofSet)
> cannula. About 1mm deep, right up inside the (transparent) cannula, but
> enough to stop the insulin getting through. I've noticed this twice
> before in the last 6 months, and on each occasion it has coincided with
> a period of great stress/sleep deprivation or whatever.
> Anyone know what this stuff is and how it gets there? I'm thinking it
> might be related to the way the body and its immune system responds to
> stress.
> John
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