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Re: [IP] Lilly scholarships...

Tonya, when was this?  They don't still do this, do they?

I received a scholarship for my undergraduate degree for "being
diabetic".  I don't believe it was from Lilly though.  I think it was
from the state, through the department of social services?!?!?  I didn't
find them...they can looking for a diabetic at my high school.  There
were 2 of us...the other guy "didn't want to be labeled as a diabetic"
so he declined the offer (he didn't even ask the amount of $).  I said
what the hell and it ended up paying for my WHOLE undergrad. degree.
Please...with a benefit like that I would put a darn tattoo on my rear,
arm and forehead!!!!!  Didn't bother me a bit!!!!!!!   :-)    -Tonya D.

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