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Re: [IP] Re: Web Humour

At 05:13 AM 08/27/1998  Paula Berketo wrote:

>I know this has nothing to do with diabetes so slap me if it should not
>posted through this group but I could not resist.  The medical benefit of
>the humour has to be worth something to us all.

This tongue-in-cheek "letter" has been entertaining Netizens since its
November 1995 debut in the Usenet newsgroup rec.humor.funny. It caught on
quickly; within the space of a month what was clearly a humour post was
being forwarded in e-mail as factual. A story that good should be true. But
it's not.

The letter is a fake; none of the details check out. Harvey Rowe doesn't
exist. (Which is indeed our loss -- what a talent for gentle sarcasm!)
Moreover, the Smithsonian doesn't have an antiquities department.

If you call up and ask to speak to the mythical Harvey Rowe, the operator
will put you through either to Anthropology or the Smithsonian's public
affairs officer. Either way, you'll be greeted with "There's nobody here by
that name." You won't be the first such caller either. Far from it -- the
Smithsonian is heartily sick of being asked about Harvey Rowe.

So, there is no hopeful backyard paleontologist busily excavating the land
around his clothesline and implacably sending off specimen after bogus

Sorry to rain on your parade...


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