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Re: [IP] I need help w/ insulin adjustment

Hello Kasey:
A few suggestions.  Glucometers are not all as good as they shouldn be, and
you can recognize this by  comparing readings at the same time.  I would
suggest comparing both meters with the same sample at the same time and chart
each and construct a table or nomogram to make the two meters aquateable and
then treat the mean.  One meter will be consistently higher (and there may
even be a 15 - 20% difference the higher the reading is, and the gap will be
narrower the lower the reading is).  I will bet the fasttake will be higher.
If there is a lot of cross over without any consistency,  I would question the
accuracy of one of the meters.   You may need to take 25 - 50 readings to
construct a nomogram which would prove to be very helpful. To see how accurate
the meters are compare them at the doctors office when blood is drawn for a
blood glucose.  Use the same sample from the syringe on both meters and
compare this to their report.  You might be in for a surprise, even though
this is venous blood and not capillary blood that you normally use.  Another
suggestion is to replace (or trade in) the sure step for a Profile and use the
down loading software from Lifescan to keep an ongoing profile which will
allow you to compare days, weeks, months, seasons, etc, however you want and
this will allow you to know what to adjust and when to help with better
control.  You can print the reports for the doctor.  The fasttake will have
software that will work for both meters after  the first of the year, so they
say, if they solve all the bugs.  Good luck.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/