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[IP] I need help w/ insulin adjustment


I think that you are right.  My observation is that she was
exercising at the peak of her lunch bolus (2 hrs).  If I
understand any of this stuff, this means that her serum
insulin level is high, and due to the exercise her insulin
utilization is high, hence she crashed.  If her schedule is
regularly for recess at this time, then I would look to drop
her ratio a bit more, perhaps 1:35 or 1:40.  

Personally, I never like these higher ratios because they
lead to more rounding.  I bolus in 1/2 unit increments,
which for me at lunch/dinner is 7 gm carb.  At breakfast
this is 10 gm carb.  When I'm 5 gm one way or the other, I
am not happy with my choices.

My 0.02 is that you're doing the right thing.  Good luck
with it.


Hi gang,

Kayla started school today and I already can tell that we
need to do
some insulin adjustments.  I think I know what needs to be
done, but
wanted some input.  At 10:30am she was 198 and had a 13gCHO
snack then
went outside to play for 30 minutes.  At 12:00pm (1 1/2 hr
later) she
was 129 and had lunch.  I had upped her lunch carb ratio
from 1:25 to
1:30, but I think I need to up it again, because at 1:30pm
she was
already back down to 132.  Did the morning exercise
contribute to this
fast return to normal?  I think so.  Usually it takes 4
hours for her to
return to normal.  So, 1:30 - 132, had 30 minutes of recess
and dropped
like a rock to 32.  100 point drop in 30 minutes.  Question:
does she
definitely need a snack before that afternoon exercise, or
is the
problem really starting much earlier in the day?

Thanks for any and all help.

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