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Re: [IP] New Problem

> Neither.  Jack Joy (I think that's his name) that runs the MM website
> told me that.  Kayla's doc had mentioned comparing both pumps
> sensitivity to no delivery alarms, and I e-mailed MM about it.  Jack
> said the MM gives the No Delivery alarm when 2-4 units have been
> missed.  The range of 2-4 units is based on the pressure buildup needed
> to sound the alarm.  Sometimes it takes 2 units missed, sometimes more,
> but always by 4.
> Kasey

I'm sure this will always vary a lot but it's easy to check: next time
you're changing set, wedge the tube into that plastic blue clip thing,
and bolus away, and see when the alarm triggers.

Mine always goes before 1 unit has been pumped. I use a short tube.

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