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Re: [IP] Problems with FastTake meter


This eventually has happened to every single meter I have ever had -- and I think I've had somewhere
between 15 and 20 different meters since the first ones came out.   They are just not very stable --
no single meter is consistently so although some are better than others.  Fast Take is much more more
accurate and has far less of those instances you describe than my precision or exact tech meters do.
It has more of them than my Accucheck or Profile.  Just when I decided the Accucheck seemed accurate
at least twice as often as the Profile, my Profile was normal 8 times last week when my Accucheck was
too high.  I doubt Lifescan will do anything immediately.  They know this is a problem.  The
technology is still not very good.  Things that increase the # of problems you might have:
    Not testing on a level surface (this is how I most often cause problems)
    Heat or cold
    Not enough blood or a smudge

When in doubt, check again.  As you saw when you rechecked, the 2nd reading on the same meter, the two
meters were about 10 points apart.  If you had tried one more time, you probably would have gotten
something between 115 and 140.    Actually, it's interesting b/c it is this variability that has led
me recently to start wondering what # to treat a low at.

Amy Detorio wrote:

> Ok, I think this subject has come up before, but I feel it should be addressed again. The other
> day I tested with my FastTake meter. I wasn't feeling sick, so I was a little surprised when the
> reading was 387. I had guessed at my dinner bolus, so I assumed that I had guessed wrong or
> forgotten something I had eaten. It doesn't take much to make my bg's skyrocket. Anyhow, after
> programming a 4U bolus and starting it pumping, I decided to re-check with my other meter
> (Accu-check). I almost dropped my pump trying to suspend the bolus as the second reading was
> only 120! I then re-checked with the FastTake and got a 131 reading. This was all within 4
> minutes time, so I know it was the meter, not my bg's. I was able to eat a snack to cover the 2.2U
> I ended up taking and everything was fine. My main concern here is that I could have died if I
> had gone to bed after bolusing the 4U that I definately didn't need.
> I called Lifescan to tell them about my problem and they claimed that this was the first time they
> had ever heard of this kind of problem. I know that's not true, because I've chatted with others
> who have experienced the same thing. They sent me a new meter and I'm sending the old one
> back, but I'll have a hard time trusting it from now on.
> I guess I'm asking all of you to be sure to report any problems you have with any meter to the
> manufacturer, especially if it's the FastTake. I'm hoping we can force them to address this issue.
> Amy
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