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[IP] slurpees

Sue wrote:

> There are probably a whole lot more carbs in there than any of us 
> wants to think about!

> I would like to know how many carbs are in 7-11's Mocha Cafe 
> drink ...but then again.

and Yale wrote: 

> Much Toooooo many!

weak attitudes Yale and Sue.  If you are going to drink a slurpee or a Mocha
Cafe, instead of DENY yourself like you would have had to pre-pump, then you
sure as HECK better think about it, and know how many carbs are there.

  If you cant get an accurate answer, look at a koolaid with sugar package,
figure out how many ounces your slurpee had, and guesstimate using the carb
count for the koolaid, cuz that is kinda sorta what a slupee is - frozen
slushy koolaid - or check the Dairy Queen Mister Misty carb count - someone on
here knows that stuff...AND LET YOUR SON ENJOY HIS LIFE!!!

Sue:  for the mocha drink, check the carbs on your favorite General Foods
International Coffee, and start from there - play aorund with it and
eventually you will find a number that works for you and your mocha cafe -

Sara, who is eating pitas with cream cheese...28 grams of cho and way too much
*-)=B xoxx
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