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Re: [IP] Glucose Tabs

> I have noticed that a lot of you know exactly how much 1 or 2 Dex Tabs
> bring your blood sugar up.  How do you figure this?  Do you base it on
> the results you get within 1, 2 or 3 hours after eating them?
> Thanks for your help,
> Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)

You've got it Lisa. You just eat the tabs, when you can otherwise expect
a stable bg, and measure how far the bg rises. Within 1 hour it'll will
be fully into the blood stream.

Interestingly, you can also calculate the amount directly from the
carb/insulin ratio and the insulin sensitivity factor as follows:

if 1 unit of insulin lowers your bg by, say, 45 points
and 1 unit of insulin is bolused for, say, each 15g CHO eaten,

then 15g CHO will raise your bg by 45 points

That's the theory at least. It probably more useful to measure all three
figures, and check that they match up. ie check that 15g glucose DOES
raise your bg by 45 points. If this isn't the case, then probably some
of your ratios are wrong, and should be retested.

> started school yesterday and already his readings are everywhere.  Its
> very frustrating.  I thought I had this pretty well understood, but I
> obviously don't. :-(

Starting school would certainly send my bg's all over the place. They
should soon settle back down. At least with a pump you have the power to
respond to the situation, but pumping and testing doesn't make a perfect
control system, so don't worry when the systems takes a hit.

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