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[IP] Blocked cannula/stress

I had a rather stressful day yesterday: we're in the middle of a complex
house move, and I had to drive through the night, and grabbed just a few
hours sleep in the car. I'm sure you can picture the situation...

Anyhow, the No Delivery alarm then went off today, and I found there was
a small plug of white substance blocking the tip of the (SofSet)
cannula. About 1mm deep, right up inside the (transparent) cannula, but
enough to stop the insulin getting through. I've noticed this twice
before in the last 6 months, and on each occasion it has coincided with
a period of great stress/sleep deprivation or whatever.

Anyone know what this stuff is and how it gets there? I'm thinking it
might be related to the way the body and its immune system responds to

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