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Re: [IP] I need help w/ insulin adjustment

email @ redacted wrote:
> Kasey,
> I drop Megan's basal rate 1 hour before PE begins. You can give her a little
> more lunch or decrease the bolus a little for lunch.
> Megan has NO snacks at school since starting the pump!!
> Judy C.

Right now she has a .1u/hr basal rate for 24 hours.  I think I'll try
dropping that to 0 for the hour before each recess period and see what
happens.  The whole class has two snacks a day, so I let her join in. 
Don't wanna make her feel different from the rest of the class.  It's
funny because right after starting the pump we eliminated the snacks. 
Now we're back to 2 snacks a day.  Sheesh!!


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