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Re: [IP] I need help w/ insulin adjustment

> in its almost immediate
> effect and duration of action - approximately 4 hours, i.e. the last bolus
> effect is gone 4 hours after it is given, in otherwards 25% per hour.  Also
> of
> interest would be what glucometer are you useing?

Thanks for your response.  Yes, Kayla is using Humalog, but the duration
for her is 6 hours, not four, and it peaks in 2-3 hours.  It takes a
little longer to absorb in her than the literature indicates it should. 
My biggest immediate concern is to do whatever possible to eliminate
those bad lows.  Kayla's teacher is willing to learn the D management,
but is still a novice.  She doesn't yet recognize the symptoms of lows
and Kayla doesn't notice them until she's below 40.  I want to stop the
rebounding because her numbers won't be clear until we stop the lows and
resulting highs.

For today I increased her breakfast and lunch carb ratio by 10 points. 
She will also have a complex carb snack before each recess period.  I'd
rather her be a little on the high side than see another 32 bg that the
teacher doesn't catch.  I was with Kayla in school yesterday and saw
that one.  The teacher didn't. She's still learning.

At school Kayla is using the SureStep meter.  At home she uses the
FastTake.  The SureStep is pretty foolproof and I thought it would be
easier for the teacher.  Kayla isn't coordinated enough yet to get the
blood drop on the strip correctly.


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