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Re: [IP] I need help w/ insulin adjustment

> some insulin adjustments.  I think I know what needs to be done, but
> wanted some input.  At 10:30am she was 198 and had a 13gCHO snack then
> went outside to play for 30 minutes

Well..... first, my guidelines for Lily are "no food" when bg's are 
over 160. No point in spilling glucose in the urine or getting 
higher. Second, you should make sure her basal rates are appropriate 
before fiddiling with her ratios. The change in schedule WILL produce 
a change in her basal requirements. Only use the ratio change 
temporarily until you get her basals straightened out. Then you can 
work on the ratios. One way to do that is to look at the extra 
insulin or carbo needed to correct her bg's to baseline 3 - 4 hours 
after a meal. This average + the knowledge of the carb intake over a 
week or so will give you a correction factor carb/insulin ratio, and 
allow you to adjust the ratio up or down.

i.e. known meal insulin for week + or - the adjustment along with 
known carb intake for week will give you the new ratio. Throw out any 
really wild out of bound data that throws her bg's very high or low, 
it will just mess up the calculation.

E-mail me if you want additional info.


.  At 12:00pm (1 1/2 hr later) she
> was 129 and had lunch.  I had upped her lunch carb ratio from 1:25 to
> 1:30, but I think I need to up it again, because at 1:30pm she was
> already back down to 132.  Did the morning exercise contribute to this
> fast return to normal?  I think so.  Usually it takes 4 hours for her to
> return to normal.  So, 1:30 - 132, had 30 minutes of recess and dropped
> like a rock to 32.  100 point drop in 30 minutes.  Question: does she
> definitely need a snack before that afternoon exercise, or is the
> problem really starting much earlier in the day?
> Thanks for any and all help.
> Kasey
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