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[IP] Re: sweet dreams

Oh dear Tonya D. (is that D. for darling?), now I am in trouble.  And I
haven't even posted my picture yet!   But if you could figure out a way to
email while you are sleeping I'm sure you would make a lot of money, if not
new friends :-)  I always used to have some fantastic insights when I was
low, but the pump seems to have killed all that.

    I am so sorry you trashed all those digests/e-mails from the group
when you got back from your vacation.  I had mentioned about my low
blood sugar dream I had and YOU were part of it!!!!  It's too juicy to
repeat.  I'm just kidding, I had a low episode while I was sleeping and
I kept trying to e-mail you in my sleep...I don't know, it didn't make
sense to me either?!?!?!?!?           -Tonya D.   :-)

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