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Re: [IP] Glucose Tabs


The way I figured this out is pretty straightforward.

I pick a time of day when I know my basals are set just right. In other
words, I've got the rates figured, I can count on things staying stable for
several hours.

With my BG at about 100 - 120, I take 1 glucose tab. I wait 15 minutes,
test BG, record results. Check again 15 min. later, record results. I
should see the BG start to rise after the first 15 minutes. I check every
15 minutes for the first hour. When my BG stops rising, I know how much 1
glucose tab raised it in this time period. In my case, one tab raises it 20
points (usually). Since each tab has 4 grams of CHO, that means 1 g CHO
raises my BG about 5 points.

This is not exact science, and is subject to some variation, but it works
well enough to let me make the needed adjustments.

Others may have different techniques for computing this.


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>I have noticed that a lot of you know exactly how much 1 or 2 Dex Tabs
>bring your blood sugar up.  How do you figure this?  Do you base it on
>the results you get within 1, 2 or 3 hours after eating them?  Spencer
>started school yesterday and already his readings are everywhere.  Its
>very frustrating.  I thought I had this pretty well understood, but I
>obviously don't. :-(

Bob Burnett

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