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Re: [IP] Corn Starch

Thanks, I was wondering the same thing. And so I changed doctors because he
was interested in finding the low, which by the way is sometimes 2:30am to
5:30am. He was more concerned about fixing the rebounds of over 350 when I
woke up. Just got Pumping Insulin from Ellen so I'm hoping to figure out how
is the best way to correct the problem. The doctor that put me on the pump
almost 18 years ago, taught me how to change things, but I am not having any
clear time to change.
I don't use the NiteBite anymore because I too thought it a little stupid to
put a bandage on the problem when you could fix it. My problem is after
reading some of Pumping insulin I have noticed they say to start after you
have a "vanilla" day. Haven't had one of those yet. Any suggestions???

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