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[IP] cough syrup question

Hello all,
I have a cold!!  :-(

I am on the MM 507 pump with Humalog, 23 weeks pregnant and am now getting some congestion in my chest.  My OBGYN said I could take Robutusin DM, but the sugar content is high.

Do any of you know how many "carbs" are in a teaspoon of the stuff.  I am trying to guess, but with my pregancy, I don't like  guessing.   I am trying to have real good control.   My last Ha1c was 6.1   But I am afraid once I get done with this cold, I will be a bit higher.

thanks for your help,
email @ redacted
12 years type 1 DM, 26 yrs old now, MM 507 pumper of Humalog, currently knitting two blankies, one for the daughter I have and  one for the daughter on the way.  :-)

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