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Re: [IP] ID Bracelet being unnoticeable

I have been busy and am just catching up.  

The bracelet has been with
me for a very long time(my Medic Alert member number is 357).  Like Sara,
I have had
it off maybe twice or three times, maybe.  It has become something that is
just there, sort of like rain, or the heat of the day, or loud cars, or
hair even.  It is there and I don't pay any attention to it.  Trouble is,
not many others do either.  One time it was utilized as intended.  The
only other time I got to the ER as a diabetic the EMTs figured it out from
the symptoms.  There have been others where the cause of my bahavior was a
unknown, even when I have attempted to show some diabetic ID.  Even so,
the bracelet is part of what I am by now, and it doesn't come off.  It is
not that big, not that heavy, and not really very intrusive.  If this
little bracelet causes that much of a problem, there must be more there to
work out (and coming from me, that is saying something... :-)

Don Francisco

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