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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #499

I really like the Softclix, because of the adjustable penetration.  As the
needle gets duller, I increase the penetration.  I think
I did actually change it once though.  (Seriously, I only change it when it
starts to hurt, maybe once every 3 weeks or so).  In more than
ten years of testing, I've never had a finger infection.  I don't use
alcohol, either.  If my hands have been in dirt, I'll wash them.  I choose
a finger based on which feels right, or has the fewest visible holes.  I
know I made a mistake, when I squeeze my finger, and blood comes
out of two holes!

I wonder what are the disappointments you had with the quality of the

On 21 Aug 98 at 13:14, email @ redacted wrote:
>>     I'm new to the group (added to list on 8/18) and I apologise if this
>>      is an outdated topic, but I'm wondering what everyone uses for
>>      devices.  I have been using the BMC Softclix device, but have
>>      had some disppointments with the quality of the device itself.  I
>>      it and the lancets are more expensive, so I wondered if it was worth
>>      it.
>>      What is everyone's preferred product?

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