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Re: [IP] Illness and high blood sugars

> take the insulin intravenously, straight into the vein in your arm. You
> don't need Humalog for that: Regular works just as quick once it's in
> the blood stream. Normally only doctors give it intravenously, but if
> herion addicts can master the procedure themselves, no reason why you
> shouldn't.

I would point out that bubbles in the line would be MUCH more serious if 
insulin delivery was intervenous.  when delivering subcutaneously, 
airbubles present no health hazzard other than representing undelivered 
insulin.  However, if delivered intervenously, they cause your blood to 
clot, and clots in veins as a general rule...are very very bad.

But if you've mastered keeping the line bubble free, then i suppose there 
isn't a reason not to do it that way (cept maybe the pain of inserting in 
those locations...)

my .02

James Lyons 
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Science Engineering Class of 2000

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