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Re: [IP] Illness and high blood sugars


Congratulations! You are demonstrating that diabetes is not always a
nice regular predictable thing. It is not deterministic: the output (ie
your bg's) are not always controlled by the usual inputs (ie food and

If you want to know where I would put my money: I would say your body is
being stressed in some major way. You've got some impending illness your
body is fighting even though it may not have surfaced yet. Could be
anything, or just emotional stress. Of course, once bg's get out of
control, it puts further stress on you, so the problem gets EVEN worse.

Just curious: what happens if you give yourself large amounts of
Humalog? (say 20 units) Does the bg crash in a major way 5 hours later?
Often you require far more insulin per bg unit when the bg is high. The
insulin sensitivity doesn't remain equal all the way up the scale, but
drops low at the high end.

Of course, if you really want to bring your bg down quick, you could
take the insulin intravenously, straight into the vein in your arm. You
don't need Humalog for that: Regular works just as quick once it's in
the blood stream. Normally only doctors give it intravenously, but if
herion addicts can master the procedure themselves, no reason why you

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