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[IP] ID Bracelet being unnoticeable

     On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 email @ redacted wrote
     >Also we have a pager sized pump hanging off of our bodies 24 hours a 
     >day. If they miss the bracelet, I am sure they won't miss that. :)  
     Speaking from negative experience, I have at least twice ended up in 
     ER and NO ONE noticed either the standard wrist medical alert OR the 
     pump hooked up to my abdomin.
     In one case they looked through my wallet and found a diabetic ID 
     there, and in another they pulled me out from a company I worked for 
     and one of co-workers called the hospital to see how I was and told 
     them I was a diabetic.
     I have spoken to a number of emergency crew volunteers and they are 
     not so quick to pick up on the ID.  If I could, I would wear one on 
     each arm, one around the neck and one on each foot.  Surely SOMEONE 
     might notice them (of course...).  Again, the neck one should be at 
     least a foot and a half radius so that even a DOCTOR couldn't miss 
     seeing it....

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